Winter Sailing Cup

Winter Sailing Cup
February 21-24, 2013

St. Ignace,  Michigan, USA

Bring your kiteboards, wings, or sails to Michigan's "Home Port" for fantastic WINTER SAILING CUP
February 21-24, 2013
St. Ignace, Michigan, USA

Bring your kite, wings, or sails to Michigan's "Home Port" for fantastic ice conditions St. Ignace!
World competitors/participants have marveled at our ice and wind conditions. Now it’s your turn to fly across our ice and snow!

Here is just some of what we do for our event competitors/participants:

  •  We keep a Zamboni parked in a garage right on the ice to make sure conditions are always perfect for our participants
  •  We have heated tents for our food, beverages and vendors and participants to store their gear
  •  Hotels, grocery, restaurants are right on the water at location so our participants don’t have to drive to the event
  •  We have built a traditional Finish Sauna on the Ice for our participants
  •  Average wind speed after funneling under the Mackinaw Bridge is 22.5 mph
  •  Ice Bowling and Ice Golf
  •  Free Shuttle to get around town or to Casino
  •  Heated waxing tent
  •  Heated locker room/equipment

This event caters to all skill levels. Participate in one of our fun competitions or just cruise the ice and enjoy. Invite friends or your local club - even newbies to the sport will have fun.
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